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With massage you come in close contact with your baby, give it loving touches and respect and support an intensive binding. Through the skin – the biggest sense organ -- you give your baby important impulses for a healthy physical and mental growth:

The body functions are stimulated (flatulence and colics can be reduced), body consciousness can be supported, confidence and sense of being ocurred. The massage can be a lifelong and worthwhile communication and rest time in daily process. Notification needed.

Babysitting is a pleasant chance to improve the pocket money. A good babysitter is trained and therefore gives certainty to the parents with the following themes:

What are the duties of a babysitter? What children are able and expect in various ages? How can you take care of the child with this knowledge and play with and respond to its character? What can you do if the child will be injured?

Girls and boys are welcome. You get a license at the end of this course. Notification needed.

Get fit with classical dances like slow waltz, rumba and cha-cha-cha in this course. And the best: You don’t need a partner. All exercises can be done alone to corresponding music. This is a groovy opportunity for all who enjoy standard and Latin dance. Notification needed.

Babies as from the sixth week can attend the DELFI® courses together with their parents and with babies of similar age for the whole fascinating first year. In a group of eight mothers/fathers you as parent get many different motivations to playfully follow the development of your child e.g. animation in moving, handling methods, finger and play games, songs and other interesting materials to touch and experience with. The babies enjoy discovering the surrounding without clothes in a comforting warm room.

At the same time you as parent gain confidence in your own skills and doubtlessness with your baby.

Discussions about development, nutrition and useful tips will give further orientation. Babies with handicaps are welcomed. Notification needed.

You can’t learn to be a parent overnight therefore it is no wonder that questions and problems about education, health and the own role as a parent occur.

You can meet and get into conversation with other parents and have a nice cup of Coffee/tea. You can compare experiences from your familiar life with your children and take new suggestions. For specific issues there is a qualified contact person. You can come without previous notification.

The basis for our meetings is exchanges of experience, information and encouragement about age-based development of the children in movement and perception like songs and finger plays as well as trial of various materials. Joy and fun for everyone! Notification needed.

Do you wish more ease and free flexibility in sports, dancing, making music and in your everyday life? The method of Feldenkrais® allows you to reduce needless stress – inside and outside -. The gently operated effective motion sequences of Dr. M. Feldenkrais can help you to improve your body perception and discover more mobility and possibility. You can find to a bigger range of mobility and handling with a better conscious contact with yourselves and more well-being. Notification needed.

You can keep mobility, improve present skills and built up (again) muscles. These are the major purposes in this sport course for seniors. With easy exercises with and without hand-held units but also with brain teasers and a lot of fun as well as time for a little tweet in between you will do right to stay fit to old age. Notification needed.

Emotions and needs notice really, listening, seeing, saying, practicing. With the help of a book you will get how "doors" will open and encounter happens by yourself and within the group.

Reading and discussing the book of Marshall B. Rosenberg and cases of life in common you will find yourself out in a discussion and understand your behavior and learn to deal with prejudices. How fast we pigeonhole someone and spread prejudices!

Do you want to boost your memory playfully and without stress? Our certified memory trainer offers holistic exercises with body, mind and soul. The blood flow and metabolism of the brain will get better, the ability to learn will be increased and the whole organism will be activated.

Relax, spontaneous, free from everyday life, far from pressure to perform and rating. You can seek your inner pictures in a protected atmosphere. Music, stories or dream journeys can help. You work with acrylic, poster colors and chalks on bigger formats. You can go outside if the weather is good. Previous knowledge is not needed. You can bring your own colors if you like. Notification needed.

"You get fit with your baby" is the program because mother and baby will have fun. Let’s Kanga! We look forward to you.

Kanga training is the biggest European fitness program and the perfect work out for mothers with their babies in slings. Muscle groups will be strengthened which impaired during pregnancy, birth and everyday life with the baby. In the same time the pelvic floor will be treated with care and the cardiovascular system will get better. 

For further information / notification please contact: 

In this play group children meet to play finger plays, dances, songs and stories, gain experiences with various materials, in interacting, with rules and rituals. There are possibilities for common adventures with mobility but also to calm down. "Common" is fun! Notification needed.

This group exists for over 5 years. You meet creative persons of various ages. You can exchange about literature, theater, music, painting and much more. Excursions will be done to art exhibitions and other interesting events. Guests and interested "Joiner" are welcomed.

Classic and modern, drama and lyric, biography and crime thrillers you find these all in the literature-bistro. This is a guide through the jungle of new releases but also known books will be introduced and recalled. It will be read out, texts will be introduced and discussed agile. There is much space for own opinions and recommendations for further reading matter.

In this course you can improve and keep present mobility skills. This offer is only for men at the age of 60+ so that can be responded individually the needs of this target group. The body shall be mobilized and strengthen specifically to prevent or reduce problems and pain.

Those who want to reduce weight will find the right space and approach in this course. You learn exercises to do at home. With constant movement and a lot of fun all men will get top in form! Notification needed.

The MusicCafé is 10 times a year regularly every 4th Sunday per month as from 15.00 at the Gemeindehaus Jevenstedt (Meiereistr. 7, near the church). Previous knowledge is not necessary interested in music is enough. In a break you can get coffee and home-baked cake which the guests can bring along. Cost sharing is requested. Guests are welcomed.

Make music in common – make music actively – parent and child move in common to the music, experience music, play instruments, hear music, activities pleased kids are topic of this course.

Season festivities live to see as going with lanterns and the beautiful advent and Christmas season are in the center of this course. 

Please do not bring younger siblings as the adult and the “music garden child” can enjoy their time together. Notification needed.

You can learn traditional patterns. You get to know how to sew. The single parts can be combined to a quilt. Or you can do bags, table cloth, table ribbons, pillow cases and much more.

Perhaps you have a unique material or a souvenir: Please bring along your treasures and ideas. 

In this course you also can learn sewing. Notification needed.

Homey breakfast for fathers and children. Joy and fun, play and handicraft work or simply chatting – this is the point of the Fathers Café. 

Everything can be done – nothing has to be done!

We organize the hours together. The interchange between men can help to understand the role as family man.

I don’t need it any longer – Another is happy about

We arrange "gift bazaars" in the open café with different mottoes. You can give away, grub and take the outlays. You can enjoy coffee, tea, cake and nice chats. You are invited cordially.

Please pick up your remaining things until 17.00.

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