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For people who can hardly or only partially read, write and calculate, there are many offers and aids. They often do not know them or they do not use them. That's what Verena Hein wants to change. She works in the multigenerational house Rendsburg in the area of ​​special specialization "promotion of reading, writing and computational skills".

The work of Verena Hein is mainly to create networks and offerings. Where do those affected get help? How can you overcome functional illiteracy? Which courses are there? Who helps with everyday problems such as completing forms and the like. She conveys data subjects to read and write courses of the adult education center and informs about learning opportunities in the MGH.

The goal of the nationwide special focus of the multi-generation houses is to reduce barriers to education. The program is supported by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. More adults are to be reached, advised and supported individually.


Help with forms
  • Are you looking for help filling out applications?
  • Do you need support for understanding forms?     
  • You do not want to fill out documents for offices and authorities alone?    
  •  You would like to write a letter together?

We are happy to assist you. Our offer is free and open to all! (Excluded are tax and legal advice)

When? Every Tuesday from 15.00 to 16.00 or by appointment.

Where? In the multigenerational house Rendsburg Am Magarethenhof 41 24768 Rendsburg


Advice and information

Learning to read, write, to calculate for adults     

Reading and writing courses of the adult education center     

Learning opportunities in the Mehrgenerationenhaus

Every Thursday from 10 to 12 o'clock


online offers for learning

BELUGA: und  (Anleitungen und Schulungsangebote über den Deutschen Volkshochschulverband)

IRMGARD Lernapp im Google Playstore

Winterfest Lernspiel:

Ansprechpartnerin Kontakt Beratung
Verena Hein

Am Margarethenhof 41
24768 Rendsburg
Tel.: 04331 / 9 45 60 - 37
mobil: 0171-1939023

Donnerstags von 10 bis 12 Uhr

Our offer